Foundation Advice

10 Best High-End Foundations for Oily Skin 2018

Many makeup junkies create tutorials centered on products that cost less, but what about the high-end brands? We love a good bargain just as much as the next MUA, but sometimes, you get what you pay for, and foundation is definitely a product worthy of the splurge.

10 Best Drugstore Foundations for Oily Skin 2018

It’s always surprising to us how so many people with oily skin don’t shop for products that will actually work for their skin type. We know how easy it is to fall for product marketing hype, but once oily-skinned shoppers get past that, realize that only specific

10 Best Drugstore Powder Foundations 2018

Navigating your way through drugstore products isn’t easy, especially if you have specific foundation goals. Your budget allows drugstore pricing, but based on your skin type and skin tone, it’s hard to find a match! In our guide, we’ll be highlighting 10 of the best drugstore powder

10 Best Powder Foundations 2018

When picking a powder foundation, many women aim for products that give them the most natural look. As they say, makeup should not change our appearance but only enhance our beauty! When it comes to finding the best powder foundation, we want to find the perfect product

10 Best Long-Lasting Foundations 2018

Women want it all when it comes to beauty. Great hair, great lips, great skin – that’s why when it comes to choosing makeup, they only want the best. Foundation is one of the most challenging cosmetic products to use. Its essential function is to give you

10 Best Drugstore Foundation Brushes 2018

They say a makeup artist is only as good as his or her kit, because to create beauty, one has to rely on their tools to get the job done. Aside from using the best quality products, you need to choose a quality brush to apply the

Best Foundation for Wedding 2018

Walking down the aisle looking elegant and beautiful is every bride’s dream.  That’s why when it comes to wedding makeup there’s lots of talk from stylish experts particularly on what the right foundation to use. Choosing the best foundation for your wedding is almost as important as

6 Best Foundation Primers for Oily Skin 2018

One of makeup’s worst enemies is definitely sebum. You know, sebum: the oil that your skin produces and the same rate that water flows over Niagara Falls? That’s what it feels like when you have extremely oily skin, anyways. In our guide below, we have some great

10 Best Foundations for Rosacea 2018

We all desire beautiful, clear skin, but when it comes to skin conditions like rosacea, controlling flare-ups and covering imperfections can sometimes feel like a lost battle. Although makeup is one of the best ways to hide the acne-like bumps and lesions on your face, some foundations

6 Best Foundations for Redness 2018

A little reddish color on the cheek looks great for most women, but what if you suffer from an overwhelming case of redness that even your makeup can’t seem to mask? This is probably the most common issue that fair-skinned women have. Redness happens for a variety